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Unwind with a low calorie craft beer CBD alternative, no more hangovers.

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A new kind of craft beer

Hops and hemp are old friends. In fact, they're family. Perhaps that's why they go so well together. And now you can enjoy them combined, in our range of full flavoured craft brews, each with a twist of organic, hemp-derived CBD. They're the world's first low alcohol, low calorie, vegan beers to contain CBD without THC - the part that makes you 'high'. So you can unwind, and keep your cool.

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Craft brews for how we live now

We love great-tasting craft beers. We also love a clear head in the morning. That's why we made it our mission to create the world's first range of premium brews for today's hectic lifestyles. They're low in both alcohol and calories, so you can savour the flavour and stay in control. They're vegan too. And the twist of organic, hemp-derived CBD, currently making headlines worldwide for its wellness properties, gently takes the edge off your day.

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Why our beers are better

  • Low alcohol means less calories

  • Stay hangover-free and make every moment count

  • CBD offers a natural way to unwind, anytime