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Our Brewery

We love beer. Sometimes maybe a little too much. That's why we made it our mission to create brews that have all the big flavours of the best craft beer, without leaving you with a sore head at your 9.a.m meeting, or losing yet another Sunday. With only 0.5% alcohol, our beers are better for you and lower in calories, while we find the twist of organic CBD in every bottle takes the edge off an evening. At our independent UK brewery, we spent twelve months experimenting with loads of different ingredients and methods before we nailed our innovative, beautifully balanced recipes. The small batches we brew guarantee premium craft quality, every time.

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Our Process

Our beers are naturally low in alcohol - we don't use adjuncts, strange ingredients or aggressive processes to remove it. By brewing in a careful way, we produce beers that are packed full of flavour, but stay at 0.5% ABV (in the EU this would be classed as Alcohol Free!). We brew at an independent UK brewery, use UK-grown malted barley and dry hop with the freshest, most fragrant hops we can find (think bags and bags of pungent Mosaic). Not the cheapest way to make beer - but we think it's worth it. Our beers are great beers, even without the CBD. We spent months and months experimenting on the best way to add hemp-derived CBD to our beers without adding a strong hemp taste. Eventually, we cracked it. Our process means that the beers not only taste great but the CBD we use if fully 'bio-available', meaning your body absorbs it faster and more fully.